Convulsif is a bass (sinister), drums (diabolic), a bass clarinet (vicious) and a violin (fierce). Yes, fierce, don’t let your little sister’s violin lessons trick you, classical instruments have an evil side, this band gives proof. Convulsif is dark and surprisingly addictive. A quartet of mad experimental extremists, Convulsif plays the perfect delirium made from doom, noise, and drone. Nightmarish, repetitive, ritualized. Relentlessly they take possession of your cortex and brand it with their monolithic sound. The band doesn’t fit in pre-established categories with its complex, distinct and intense pieces. Why would you want to do something else if you can listen to Convulsif and go for a little walk in the cemetery with your axe?

(The bits in italic are quotes from reviews about Convulsif in Wonderbox Metal, Aristocraziawebzine, Aux Portes du Metal, Des Cendres à la Cave, Season of Mist & Music in Belgium.)


Convulsif are:
> Jamasp Jhabvala : violin & electronics
> Christian Müller : bass clarinet & electronics
> Loïc Grobéty : bass
Maxime Hänsenberger : drums